Personal Training

You may be asking, “What do Personal Training, being fit, managing your weight, and – if we dare put it in these terms – getting buff and being ripped have to do with Life Coaching?”

Good question – let’s rephrase it to, “What does Life Coaching have to do with Personal Training?”

Do you have other questions like, “Can I go from size 14 to size 8 in time for the dance?”  Or, from the guy’s side, “Can I lose the beer belly I got in college in time for the company beach party?”

Or, maybe just, How can my body and I become friends again?


The simple answer is, as the ancient Romans used to say, (in Latin, of course), “A sound mind in a sound body.” 

Look – you already know that when you feel fit, you feel happier.

In a large way, Personal Training is a subcategory of Life Coaching.  Those things that go into Life Coaching do extra duty in a personal fitness program.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weigh Loss Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist and an MMA Conditioning Specialist (certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine) I’d love to come alongside you and help you meet your fitness goals.

You and I can chat about anything from a simple exercise program to using our computer-based Complete Training System to bring you and your body to where you’d like to be!

What’s cool is that we can even do this online!

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