Identity Statement

Only you know all the battles you face.  Most are on the inside –
Fear, anxiety, anger, feelings of inadequacy and abandonment,
lust, loneliness, depression. 
Your biggest battles are within your mind, will, and emotions –
your heart, your very soul. 
But the Warrior Within is more powerful than those battles. 
The mark of a powerful Warrior is peace within, the ability to
“move placidly amidst the noise and haste.” 
This peace only comes from winning the wars within. 
I believe it is only complete through the love of the Father,
the friendship of Jesus Christ,
and the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Print this out.  Read it out loud to yourself.  Believe it. 
Fight the battles within.  You will win the battles without.
This is who you are:


Something within me stirs mightily.

I see the challenge ahead and my heart wonders, “Do I have what it takes?” My mind says yes. My emotions are calm. My will is fixed.

The Warrior Within me says, “DO THIS!” The Warrior Within says I can. The Warrior Within me says I can do this and more. The Warrior Within me says I do have what it takes!

My heart awakes. The Warrior Within controls my mind, will, emotions. I set my face to the challenge and say, “I AM A WARRIOR.”

Victory is already mine!

My life began with a glory bestowed. I am made in the image of God, and in His image I live. My mind, will and emotions align with His mind, will and emotions. Because of Him, I am power, strength, and glory. I am beautiful. My beauty shines through my strength.

I have become what I was born to be: a Warrior.

I am known by my name. My name is: Warrior.

My weapons are within me.  I have trained them for battle; I have honed them for warfare. True, I have not yet fought the next battle, but I have fought many like it. True, I lost some battles along the way, but even so my spirit emerged victorious. True, not all my wounds have healed, but I wear my scars as badges of honor.

From long training my strength swells like a mighty wave, power surges within me, the sheer weight of who I am crashes forward to the challenge.

I was initiated to battle long ago. I have tested myself; I have discovered my true self: I am Warrior. I have fought the battles within and emerged victorious; I now face the battles without.

Trained as a Warrior, I now bring power and strength and might and glory to the challenge. I am calm, I am powerful, I am dangerous.

I know who I am.

I am: Warrior.

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