Meal Prep Made Simple

Ever wonder what it would be like to open your fridge to find a full week of healthy, delicious food that’s prepped and ready to be eaten? Sure would make sticking with your diet and achieving fat loss a lot easier…

Meal prep is a fantastic way to keep on track with your eating throughout the entire week.

The idea is to plan out all of your meals, then do the shopping and the prep at one time for the entire week. This day is labor intensive, but then your food is ready-to-eat for the next 6 full days – and you’ve freed up a bunch of time for the rest of the week. We did this when all our children lived at home – it really works! They helped with the shopping, too, which was kinda fun.

So. Here’s my 5 Step Meal Prep Guide to make your next food prep week really simple:

Step One: Planning

Get out your notebook and pen or pull up a blank note page on your iPad, it’s time to start planning for the week. Here are the questions that you’ll need to answer:

1) How many meals do I need each day?

  • Check your calendar for special events
  • Consider your appetite throughout the day
  • Look at each day separately

2) How many servings do I need for each meal?

  • Consider who in the family needs which meals
  • Check the calendar for guests or visitors
  • Look at each day separately

Step Two: Recipes

Now it’s time to translate those meals + servings into actual recipes. Take a moment to consider the produce that is in season and any special requests or food allergies.

1) Find your recipes

  • Browse around on your favorite recipe site
  • Pull out your favorite cookbooks
  • Find your family favorite recipes
  • Do not buy any eggplant.

2) Focus on a core group of ingredients

  • Plan recipes that use similar ingredients
  • Avoid eggplant.

3) Calculate leftover meals – really!

  • Making enough of some recipes for leftover meals saves time
  • Throw out the eggplant.

4) Make your list

  • Narrow down to the exact list of recipes – all eggplant free, of course.

Step Three: Grocery List

Take your list of recipes and create a grocery list. A few things to keep in mind…

1) Pay attention to recipes that you’ll double or triple

  • Make sure to include all ingredients in your list

2) Organize your list into these convenient sections:

  • Meat/Seafood/Egg
  • Organic Produce
  • Herbs/Flavors
  • Pantry Items

3) Check your pantry for items that you already have

  • Save money by avoiding double purchases

Step Four: Shopping

It’s time to head to the grocery store! Take your list and, if you’re lucky, a helper down to your local market and go through each section item by item.

Step Five: Food Prep

You have options when it comes to the actual prep of each of your meals. Many you’ll be able to fully make right away and pack in the fridge. Other recipes you’ll want to simply do the chopping, measuring and organizing in order to make the meal hot and quick before you plan to eat it.

Which recipes should you fully cook in advance? The truth is that this is really up to you and your schedule. Here’s a good game plan if you don’t want to fully cook everything all on one day:

  • Fully make the baked goods for the week.
  • Chop all vegetables.
  • Gather all seasonings.
  • Fully cook the next day’s dinner.

Getting into the habit of prepping your meals for the week is a surefire way to accelerate your fat loss results.

It’s my goal to help people, just like you, conquer their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating.

I know that a healthy life is within your reach – I’ve seen lots of my clients before you do it, and I’ll see lots after you do it, too –

Today it’s your turn!


Whilst getting your food prep all worked out, don’t forget the workout part of your program! Call or email now to get started on an exercise program at the Warrior Within studio that will make fat burning second nature, and will transform your body for the best.  In fact, let me give you a preview of how we workout around here:

Three Ways to GET MORE From Your Workout

Speaking of workouts, use the following three tips to bring your routine up to the next level. My clients in the Warrior Within studio readily attest to their effectiveness!

1. Be Unstable: Use your entire body, and target your core by performing exercises that engage stabilizing muscles. To do this use an exercise ball, a balance board, a balance disk – or you could simply stand on one leg while doing an exercise!

2. Add Resistance: The more resistance that you incorporate with your routine translates into higher intensity and more calories burned. Some ideas for adding resistance include: carrying dumbbells while doing lunges, wearing a weighted vest while walking or jogging, or putting a weight between your feet while doing leg raises.

By the way, two weeks from now the Newsletter will have lots more on resistance training. Watch for it!

3. Use Intervals: Interval training is an amazing tool for creating short yet effective workouts. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. In its basic form interval training is simply alternating between different short bursts of activity – you can do that!

About Tom Schweickert

Tom Schweickert, EA, CPC, CPT brings a unique combination as a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Money Coach to help folks negotiate these interesting times.
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