Fat Thighs and Beer Bellies – Something for Everybody!

Hello, Warriors!

Today we have something for men and women separately, together. How’s that for inclusion, if not diversity?

Women everywhere complain about the size of their thighs. Fat and cellulite have a way of ending up there – especially in the upper, inner thigh area.

Men everywhere complain about their beer belly, even if they don’t drink beer. Shortcut for “the spare tire around my gut.”

I’m often asked how to quickly and easily reduce fat in these unwanted regions, and the answer to that question would only take a zillion pages. Instead of that, let’s go back to a few basics, shall we? The first two apply to everyone; the third is a blatant commercial that applies to me. What’s not to like?

First I need to remind you that it’s not possible to spot reduce fat from one single part of your body, so my three steps to reduce your thighs or gut will work by reducing your body fat percentage as a whole. It sure would be great if we could point a magic wand and make fat shrink from one particular spot, but that’s just not how the human body is built.

Friends, may I gently remind you that before you can lose 25 pounds you have to lose one pound? Success resides within you – the Warrior Within, yes? – and it emerges from the inside out. Start with one or the other of these suggestions: BUT START SOMEWHERE!

The great news is that your entire body will become leaner more shapely in addition to your thighs and tummy shrinking!

Reduce Thighs and Tummy Step #1: Ban Liquid Calories

The beer belly thing is obvious, here, but the ladies need to be careful as well. Liquid calories are a major problem for many, resulting in countless unwanted pounds and inches around their thighs.   These calories are easy to overlook, since you’re just drinking and not actually eating anything, but don’t doubt for a second that they are adding up quickly.

The best strategy to take, when your goal is to reduce your thighs or your tummy, is to cut out liquid calories completely. This is an easy way to instantly cut hundreds of calories per day without feeling deprived. Simply replace those high calorie beverages with water or unsweetened coffee or tea.

I’m sure you are aware of which beverages in your diet contain calories, but I’ll remind you with this list anyways: sweetened coffee drinks, powdered cream-like products for your coffee, blended coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks…

Stick with water and unsweetened coffee and tea and watch how quickly you drop in size. My own favorite trick here is to use Stash brand licorice tea as a sweetener in tea (righto, so you’ll have two teabags to get rid of) or even in coffee.

Licorice in your coffee.  Give it a try – let your friends wonder!

Reduce Thighs and Tummy Step #2: Focus on Protein and Fiber

Want to know what lean, fit people all have in common? They focus all of their meals and snacks around protein and fiber and avoid sugar and simple carbs. It’s really that simple.

Now when you look at your current diet, if you see that it is filled with high carb and high sugar items, then making the switch to a diet focused around protein and fiber may seem hard to do. The truth is that any change is difficult, but once you make it you’ll quickly adjust and will begin a whole new, leaner lifestyle.

Cut out the packaged, high carb and high sugar items from your diet. Plan each meal around vegetables and lean proteins. This simple nutritional shift will make all of the difference in quickly dropping your body fat.

Some people can cut out these things cold turkey, others may need to phase it out.  Either way, do it!

Let me remind you again that you can’t lose 25 pounds without first losing one pound!  Loosing weight can become addictive.  Be satisfied with the trend line, small results lead to large losses – and that’s a gain.
Reduce Thighs and Tummy Step #3: Exercise Smart

There’s exercise, and then there’s smart exercise.

Exercise is good, and will get you to burn some calories and even build some muscle. It will raise your metabolism and improve your cardiovascular health. It will even reduce your thighs. All very good things.

Smart exercise will get you more of these benefits in less time.

So what makes exercise smart?

By doing a progression of movements with increasing intensity. By changing your workout often, to keep your body guessing. By varying your speed and range of motion. By incorporating complex, full body movements. By stimulating different muscle groups in each session.

Creating smart workouts is what I do for my clients.  That’s one of the reasons I worked hard to become a Certified Turbulence Trainer.

Since my clients are not a trained fitness professional with the knowledge and skills to create smart workouts each day, I do all of the work for them. They simply show up and reap all of the benefits possible from each workout session.

If you haven’t yet become one of my clients, today is the day! Let’s get you in here for a fat-blasting workout that will shrink your body in all the right places.

Call or email today and learn to exercise smart.

About Tom Schweickert

Tom Schweickert, EA, CPC, CPT brings a unique combination as a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Money Coach to help folks negotiate these interesting times.
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