Still Waiting?

Howdy, Warriors!

Whilst coming home from backpacking (final food fantasy update – ice cream did indeed show up on the last day, only after a grilled salmon, not on top of it) two familiar sayings came to mind and, in my ice-cream deprived mind, I applied them to two areas of fitness.

First, “Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from doing what you can do.” Second, “To dream of the person you could be is to waste the person you are.“ 

I’m thinking this. Many folks want their bodies to be different – smaller, larger, less fat, more muscular, more fit, or whatever else the glossy fitness magazines have on their covers.

Well and good, and nice goals for the long-term. Problem is, we don’t live in the long-term; we live at the intersection of “Here” and “Now” – your coordinates on the “Time and Place” graph. If you move a few steps over, you are in a different place, but also a different time. You can’t change “Here and Now.”

So, OK, you’d like to be a few dress sizes down, or a few inches up on your biceps. If you focus on what you aren’t, or what you don’t have, you are certainly going to miss the pure joy of enjoying who you are right now. We tend to grow similar to whatever we focus on, as you know. This works for good or for ill. (In my life these days, I’m trying to focus more on Jesus. Although I’m not like Him in many ways, I’m finding my life more peaceful as I focus on His beauty.)

If you concentrate on what you are not you deeply sow seeds of discontent within yourself – and probably in the people around you as well. Go ahead and use your vision of who you want to be as incentive.  Map your path to get to be that person: but by all means enjoy who you already are.

As it says in Psalm 139, you are already “marvelously and wonderfully made.” Enjoy it! Quiet yourself, get some paper, and write down at least ten things you already really like about yourself. Go ahead; you don’t have to show it to anybody! Write out some of your really lovely attributes.  They may come slowly at first, but don’t stop at ten – you’ll find a lot more. Why not write out a dozen more? Many things in you have beauty and glory – write them out and enjoy them!

Don’t stop until you get at least ten, y’hear?

Great! Now, to get back to the present, read the rest of this Newsletter and see what you can do to change those things that, indeed, you do want to change. Nothing changes unless you change. What follows will help you keep going.

But do enjoy the ride along the way!

To Put It Differently: Are you still waiting for the day that you’ll be fit?

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll start living healthy tomorrow? Or next week?

After you’ve had just one more pizza dinner and one more lazy day on the couch…

Then you’ll commit yourself to eating right and exercising regularly, right?

It’s time to realize that this line of thinking is a sneaky little trap. One that fools all of us at one point or another.

You see, when you put off healthy living to some designated day in the future, you’re putting the responsibility of change on your future self. Tricky, since your future self doesn’t even exist yet.

Only you, in the present moment, are capable of making amazing change happen.

Being fit and lean is the result of thousands of healthy choices – all made in the present moment.

So give your future (fictional) self a break and start making real, tangible progress towards your goal – right now, in this moment.

Begin right now by calling or emailing today to get started on an exercise program that will enhance your life and bring your goals from fantasy to reality.

About Tom Schweickert

Tom Schweickert, EA, CPC, CPT brings a unique combination as a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Money Coach to help folks negotiate these interesting times.
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